Willow & Diesel ( Expected 8/27/20)

                  Willow.  Silver girl                                   Diesel. Charcoal male

This will be a silver and Charcoal litter expected to go home 10/8/20. This will

Be Willows final litter and she will be available to a good home contact us for more info. 


First pick Silver Male -         Brian H.

Second pick silver male -     Tanner T.

Third pick Silver Male -        Tara S.

Fourth pick silver Male -       Andy N.

First pick silver girl -            Josie. F

Second pick Silver girl -       Samuel L.

First pick Charcoal Male -    Madison G.

First Pick Charcoal Girl -      Aubree D.

Second pick Charcoal Girl - Brooke S.

Shadow  &  Stone  ( Expected) 9/7/20

Shadow . Charcoal Girl

Stone . Silver male

 This will be a Silver and Charcoal litter to be determined

expected 9/7/20



First pick silver Male -        Sophie R.       

Second pick Silver Male -    Kelly S.        

First pick Silver Girl -          Karine I.

Second pick Silver Girl -      Christine J

Third pick silver girl  -         Jeremiah E.

First pick Charcoal male -  David G.

Second pick Charcoal male - Jackson E.

First pick Charcoal Girl -     Samuel L.

second pick charcoal girl - Tyler S.

Third pick charcoal girl -    Michelle F.

River & Chance    Born 8/11/20

River. Chocolate girl

River delivered 7 chocolate pups and 5 Champagne ready to go home 9/22/20

First pick Chocolate boy -   Tera  M.           Champagne boy 

Second pick Chocolate boy - Stephan M.        #1 Troy D.            

Third pick chocolate boy -  Ashley P.               #2 Angela B.        

Fourth pick Chocolate boy - Kelly D.                #3 Stephanie R.                     

First pick Chocolate girl -   Ryan T.                   # 4 Michael G.

Second pick Chocolate Girl - Patrick P             # 5 Sherry P.

Third pick chocolate girl -  David C.