Quinn & Chance litter  Born ( 7/28/22)

This will be a Silver, chocolate, Black and Charcoal litter ( Go home date 9/15/22)


Quinn. Silver girl                                   Chance. Chocolate male

Quinn delivered 7 beautiful pups

Chocolate Boy#1

Chocolate Boy #2

Chocolate Female       Justin W.

Charcoal girl #1

Charcoal girl #2

Black girl # 1

Black girl#2

Reign & Chance     Born 7/20/22 

This will be a silver, Chocolate, charcoal and Black litter  Ready to go home 9/3/22

IMG_3018 (1).jpg

Reign. Charcoal girl       Chance. Chocolate male         

Reign Delivered 10 beautiful puppies

Chocolate boy # 1     Adam G.

Chocolate Boy #2      Nidia 

Chocolate girl           Roger P.

Silver Boy                 Patel S.     

Silver Girl                  Andrew Y.

Charcoal girl # 1      Mark G.

Charcoal girl #2

Black girl # 1

Black girl # 2

Black girl # 3

We currently have Two 5yr old girls retiring,
Storm - Silver Girl
Moon- Champagne girl
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