Shadow +  Stone ( Born 3/8/20 )

Shadow. Charcoal girl

Stone. Silver Male

Shadow delivered 5 pups 1 charcoal girl, 1 charcoal boy, 2 silver boys, and 1 silver girl  Ready to go home around 4/19/20.    

First pick charcoal Boy -  Courtney K        

First pick Charcoal  girl -  Jonathan C. 

First pick Silver Boy - Trinity

Second pick silver boy - Micheal K.

First pick Silver girl -    Grant L.

Willow & Diesel Born ( 2/26/20)

Willow . Silver girl

Willow delivered 5 silver boys, 2 silver girls and two charcoal males * This litter is sold!!   Ready to go april 8th

First pick silver boy -   Justin H.

Second pick silver Boy - Brian H.

third pick silver boy -  Bobby

fourth pick silver boy-  Hayley L

fifth pick silver boy - Ryan & Andrea W.

First pick Silver Girl -  Stevi B.

Second pick silver girl - Stephanie C.

first pick charcoal boy -  Jason & Michellle A.

second pick charcoal Boy-  Elizabeth

Halsey & Murphy ( expecting 5/15/20)

Diesel . Charcoal Male

                  Halsey.  Fox red girl                                   Murphy. Fox red male

First pick Red Male - Tania

Second pick Red male -

Third pick Red Male - 

First pick red Girl -   Ky Labs

Second pick Red Girl - Karine

Third Pick Red Girl -

Quinn  &  Stone  ( Expected 4/24/20)

Quinn . Charcoal Girl

Stone . Silver male

 This will be a Silver and Charcoal litter



First pick silver Male -        Matthew H.

Second pick Silver Male -  Joshua S.

First pick Silver Girl -          Karine I.

Second pick Silver Girl--

First pick Charcoal male -  Alyssa B.

Second pick Charcoal male -

First pick Charcoal Girl -

Second pick Charcoal Girl -